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The Blaze Family  

Bevvy- dam of Beaver and Beauty!

Magna Beauty - sons by Toystory!

Coyne Farms Prelude Bevvy-ET 2E 91 EEEEV
2-0 3x 365d 33,240 3.8 1293 3.2 1080
Lifetime: 168,590 3.9 6643 3.0 5099

Dam of Beaver - over 4600 daughters

Coyne-Farms Magna Beauty-ET VG 85 VG mam
2-00 351d 31,720 3.6 1156 2.9 915
3-00 365d 33,280 4.3 1444 3.1 1021
+1371CTPI +.11%F +41F +.03%P +23P 1/09
Sire:Sikkema Star Air Magna
Click for Pedigree

Dam of Bevvy!

Coyne Farms Ned Blaze-ET 2E 90 GMD DOM

Blaze has proven to be an exceptional transmitter. She has had up to 5 sons in Active AI service at the same time in North America. A family that is very consistent in transmitting outstanding type, especially feet and legs and udders, along with high components. 

An outcross pedigree: Ned Boy X Sexation X R Maple! 

2nd Dam of Beaver and Dam of Benedict, Bosco, and Bevvy!

Coyne Farms Ned Blaze-ET 2E 90 GMD DOM
3-4 3x 365d 39960 3.5 1403 3.3 1331
Lifetime: 167,850

Blaze's Sexation Dam

Beaver - Blaze's Grandson!

Coyne Farms Sexation Barbie EX 90 GMD DOM
4-4 3x 365d 30180 4.2 1261 3.4 1030

2nd Dam of Bosco  and Benedict
Next dam: EX R Maple
Next dam: EX Ellbank

Blaze's grandson, dam is Pre Brevy




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