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  • Jan 2019: Nominated as one of the Most Influential Breeder of the Last 25 Years by Holstein International!
    • Launching place of three major cow families: Yadda, Jelly and Daffers all of which were Global Cow of the Year nominations!
    • These families have produced such bulls as Dorcy, Yance, Massey, Jabir and Jacey!
Coyne Farms Owners: Top row: Greg, Shaun and Malachy, bottom row: Dick (father of Greg & Shaun) Jerry (father of Malachy) Photo used on home page of Holstein USA commemorating 125th Anniversary of Holstein Association.

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In 1922 after their marriage, William and Mary Coyne moved to East Avon, NY . The farm was a gift from Bill's father Malachy, who had immigrated here in 1886 from Ireland. Bill started milking 20 Guernseys by hand and also raised some sheep, chickens and hogs. The original farm was purchased for less than it costs to fertilize it annually today. 

Coyne Farms from South West William and Mary's sons, Dick and Jerry, introduced registered Holsteins in 1945. In 1962 a new milking parlor was built and the herd was expanded to 100 cows. Through the 1970s and and 1980s the herd had expanded to 230 cows and the land base was also enlarged. In 1975 Coyne Farms was incorporated with sons of Dick (Greg and Shaun) and Jerry (Malachy) becoming members as time went on. Recently, Brian (Greg's son) has become a partner/owner.




In 1991 the decision to expand to 500 cows was made and a new milking center was built and completed in July 1993. By 1995 another barn was built to expand to 700 cows. Recently another barn has been added to bring herd size to 1000 milking.

The parlor is a double 16 Germania Herringbone with automatic take off, rapid exit, and the Affikim monitoring system which was installed in 1999. All cows are milked three times a day and monitored daily for production, activity and conductivity. Crops grown are corn (1100 acres), alfalfa (350 acres), and wheat (150 acres). We also lease another 1000 acres to pasture heifers during the summer months.

A total mixed ration has been fed since 1985. Embryo transfer has been used selectively since the early 1970's. Modern technology will continue to be implemented at Coyne Farms Inc.

Registered Holsteins


While the milk check has always been paramount to our continuation and living well, registered Holsteins have also been an asset to us, providing an additional source of income and a great source of entertainment and education. 

Well over 100 females bred by Coyne Farms have classified EX 90 or above including three EX 94 cows. Coyne Farms has also been a part of several young sire proving groups and has facilities for housing a number of bulls awaiting proofs.

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